Hunting & Heritage  |  11/29/2022
It’s Time to Take the Next Step – Part Four: Membership and Annual Giving

Learn how your support fuels the engine that powers our work.

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Hunting & Heritage  |  11/23/2022
Podcast Ep. 191: Hens Abound as the Bird Dogs Put on Big Miles

The third episode from Rooster Road Trip XIII recaps the groups third and fourth days of their Montana adventure.

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Hunting & Heritage  |  11/23/2022
Ep. 3 Photo Gallery: A Beautiful Landscape Collides with Ugly Weather

The first two days of the Rooster Road Trip saw us traverse a variety of terrain that highlighted the vast range of upland landscapes found in Montana. The wide-sweeping views of sharptail country juxtaposed with the beauty of the Teton River Build a Wildlife Area certainly provided a mixed bag of birds, and results – but the crew now had our sights firmly set on the central part of the state’s prolific pheasant country – or at least we hoped it would be prolific – this was, after all, a hunting trip.

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Hunting & Heritage  |  11/23/2022
WATCH Episode 3: Wind, Rain and Roosters

Strong winds followed by plummeting temperatures and steady rain greeted the Rooster Road Trip crew as we put boots on the ground in central Montana. But what’s a hunting trip without a little adversity?

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Hunting & Heritage  |  11/21/2022
Moments of Fall and of Thanksgiving

Giving thanks to those that make embody the habitat and heritage missions, and make them come alive.

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Hunting & Heritage  |  11/16/2022
Ep. 2 Photo Gallery: A Signature Build a Wildlife Area Property

The second stop of the 2022 Rooster Road Trip found us hours away from where we chased sharp-tailed grouse the day before. And although there was some familiarity in being back in what felt like pheasant country, this Teton River Build a Wildlife Area and the animals that call it home were anything but normal for most of us.

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